About Us

Like the international nature of runes, our business model is based on connecting people across different cultures, countries, industries with common goal to help people find the best real estate solutions. 

Why Us



Our vast network of contacts, expertise, experience, know how, fast problem solution, ideas and visions about different situations and finding solutions



The word ‘rūna’ or ‘rune’ has many meanings in different languages. Runic alphabet historically was used in Northern Europe. It dates as early as from 150 AD. Runes still persists in modern Irish and it means ‘secret’, ‘intention’, ‘love’. In Welsh and Old English it means ‘mystery’, ‘secret writing’. The root run- can also be found in the Baltic languages, meaning ‘speech’. The Finnish term for rune means ‘scratched letter’.

“In Anglo – Saxon times, legal and political discussions were called runes. At such meetings, actual runes were used for guidance. With the runes, we can examine and describe every aspect of life” (Nigel Pennick, the author of Secrets of the Runes).